Big savings for Buckeyes.

Ohio electricity rates are falling!

Buckeyes know a great deal when they see one, and Park Power is here to deliver it. Ohio electric rates can vary widely, but Park Power’s price protection guarantee locks in your low rate for the length of your term. Finally—predictable savings that last.

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7th most populous state

Means millions of Buckeyes are eligible for energy savings!

A top-five energy choice state.

Ohio ranks among the highest states in retail electricity sales.

58% coal-powered

Coal fueled more than half of Ohio’s net electricity generation in 2017.

How It Works

Saving on energy plans is easy!
Park Power specializes in bringing low-cost, competitive utility rates to Ohio. Here’s how we do it.
low cost electricity


As an alternative electric supplier, Park Power purchases energy in bulk. Then we offer fixed rate plans to our customers You get the best of both worlds: your utility provides the same reliable service. Park Power provides the electricity.

park power energy rates

We connect you with low-cost, local rates.

Simply enter your zip code in our rate finder and your low, fixed rate pops up. If you like what you see, gather your utility bill and follow our online directions. Rest assured your utility will still be your energy provider—your bill still comes from them. But the energy comes to Park Power.

family energy rates

The switch is made remotely.

Switching to Park Power is truly hassle-free! There are no special hook ups, no service calls, no fees. Since service is still supplied by your traditional utility, there is no delay and no noticeable change in service—except for your new monthly rate for your electricity or natural gas supply.