Park Power Disclosure Statement and Terms and Conditions

UGI Res UGI 6M Fixed $0.5690/Ccf per Ccf

Background: Park Power, LLC is licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to offer and supply natural gas in Pennsylvania. Our PUC license number is A-2014-2424567. Natural gas commodity prices and charges are set by Park Power. The Public Utility Commission regulates natural gas distribution prices and services. You will continue to receive your bill from UGI for all supply and delivery charges, and UGI will continue to provide all emergency repairs and services. Park Power, LLC will supply all the natural gas that the Customer needs for its home or business (Supply Service). Park Power, LLC is a retail supplier of natural gas and is not affiliated with UGI.


  • Interstate Pipeline Charges – Charges for moving natural gas to the distribution lines of a distribution company.
  • Commodity Charges – The charges for the natural gas product which is sold either in cubic feet or dekatherms.
  • Distribution Charges – The charge for the delivery of natural gas from the city gate to the consumer.

Agreement to Purchase Natural Gas: This is an Agreement for natural gas supply service, between Park Power, LLC (Park Power) and the customer (“Customer” you or your authorized representative) for Customer to initiate natural gas supply service and begin enrollment with Park Power. If you presently purchase your natural gas supply service from another competitive natural gas supplier, you are responsible for cancelling that service pursuant to the terms of your agreement with your existing supplier.

Natural Gas Price: Your price for natural gas supply will be a fixed price of $.5690 per Ccf, plus taxes and fees, if applicable, during the Initial Term. This price includes natural gas commodity charges and estimated Total State Taxes, but excludes applicable state and local Sales Tax. You are responsible for all charges assessed and billed by UGI for natural gas distribution charges, and for all services UGI provides, including any other fees or taxes specifically associated with services it continues to provide during the term of this Agreement.

Monthly Service Fee: In addition to the price for natural gas supply set forth above, a $4.95 per month service fee will apply to your Park Power service.

Billing: You will continue to receive one monthly bill from UGI for the natural gas supply and other services provided by Park Power and the distribution and other services provided by UGI, each with taxes thereon if applicable. You will make payment for all of these services directly to UGI in accordance with the payment terms stated in UGI tariffs.

Start Date: This Agreement will begin on the date of the first actual or estimated meter read after your enrollment is accepted by UGI, in accordance with the switching rules of UGI and the PUC.

Length of Agreement: Park Power will begin providing Supply Service under this Agreement when UGI switches the Customer’s account to Park Power, LLC for the supply. Under this contract, the Customer’s Supply Service with Park Power, LLC will continue for six billing cycles, with the possibility of renewal as explained below.

Cancellation: Park Power may cancel this agreement for the following reasons:

  • Non-Payment – If your natural gas service is terminated by UGI, then this agreement is cancelled on the date that your natural gas service is terminated. You will owe us for amounts unpaid for our charges for natural gas supply service up to the date of termination.
  • Company-Initiated Cancellation – If we cancel this agreement for any reason other than for customer non-payment, we will follow applicable rules in providing notice to you.
  • Customer-Initiated Cancellation: If you cancel this agreement, you will owe us for amounts unpaid up to the date of cancellation. There is no penalty for terminating this contract before the end of the Initial Term.
  • Customer Move – If the customer moves from the address of service listed on the Sales Agreement, this agreement is cancelled.

Customer Information: By entering into this Agreement, you agree that UGI may release to Park Power, LLC certain information that will be needed to provide Supply Service to the Customer. We will not give or sell your personal information to any other party without your consent unless we are required to do so by law or it is necessary to enforce the terms of this Agreement. Privacy of customer information is governed by 52 Pa Code 62.78, with which Park Power, LLC will comply.

Limitation of Liability: Customer understands and agrees that there are no warranties, either express or implied, associated with the Supply Service provided by Park Power, LLC. Park Power, LLC will bear no liability to Customer or any third party for consequential, punitive, incidental, special or other indirect damages.

Assignment: Park Power, LLC reserves the right to assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement to an affiliate of Park Power or to another competitive natural gas supplier licensed to do business in Pennsylvania under the same terms and conditions.

Other Provisions: These terms and conditions of service set forth the entire Agreement between Customer and Park Power, LLC for the purchase and sale of natural gas service and supersedes all prior Agreements, whether written or oral. Nothing in this Agreement shall create or be construed as creating any express or implied rights in any person or entity other than you and Park Power, LLC. This Agreement is subject to all applicable statutes and to all present and future orders, rules and regulations of governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the subject matter hereof. This Agreement shall be governed by Pennsylvania law. Information about shopping for a gas supplier is available at, by calling the Commission at (800) 692-7380 and at

Rescission: You have the right to rescind this Agreement at any time before midnight of the third business day after receiving this Agreement by telephoning Park Power at 855-780-7275 or emailing Park Power at

Agreement Expiration/Change in Terms – If you have a fixed duration contract approaching the expiration date, or whenever we propose to change the terms of service, you will receive two separate written notifications, the first approximately 60 to 75 days in advance and the second 45 days in advance of either the expiration date or the effective date of the proposed changes. These notifications will explain your options going forward. If you decide not to choose a new service plan upon the expiration of the term or decide not to terminate your agreement with Park Power by contacting Park Power in writing or by phone at the contacts listed herein, this Agreement will automatically renew under the terms and at the price as provided for in the notices sent prior to the expiration date.

Dispute Procedures: Contact Park Power, LLC with any questions concerning our service. You may call or write the PUC if you are not satisfied after discussing your dispute with us. The PUC’s contact information is provided below.

Contact Information

Park Power, LLC

1400 N. Providence Rd.
Rose Tree 2 Suite 4025
Media, PA 19063

Public Utility Commission (PUC)

P.O. Box 3265
Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265
Choice Hotline 888-668-4775
Phone: 1-800-692-7380

Supply Prices

Your Natural Gas Supply price: $0.5690 per Ccf
Monthly service fee: $4.95
Fee for early termination: $0.00
Your Initial Term Duration: 6 Months

With the Predictable Pricing the fixed price offer you will pay for natural gas:

Customers who use:
15 CcF of natural gas: $0.5690 per Ccf
80 CcF of natural gas: $0.5690 per Ccf
120 CcF of natural gas: $0.5690 per Ccf